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We take great pride in helping our patients reach their goals by creating a customized treatment program to meet their specific needs. Learn more about how we take the to time treat your issues by reading success stories directly from our patients.

Client Testimonials

  • Lindsay and the Core Physical Therapy family are outstanding. I had back surgery and she has kept me balanced both physically and mentally! I love their philosophy. I highly recommend them!

    Shelley S. April 2018

  • This place is truly amazing. I walked in with little hope of recovering from whiplash pain that I had been dealing with for two months. The pain was all consuming and distracting. Within a few short visits my pain quickly diminished. I have been given tools to quickly relieve episodes of pain when I do experience it. I now feel empowered and like I will recover. The customer service is top notch, everyone is so friendly and positive. This review can't even begin to describe what a blessing being referred to Core Physical Therapy has been.

    Meghan R. November 2017

  • My therapist took the time to figure out the causes of my symptoms. His approach had been to assess completely what part of my body is the source of the pain. And the hands-on therapy is then a wonderful complement, which leads to resolving the problem.

    Monica B.

  • My physical therapist is wonderful!! She’s very competent, extremely helpful and so knowledgeable. My recovery from knee replacement was remarkably quick and I give my physical therapist much of the credit for this!

    Terri D.

  • Lindsay-great website! Thank you for the informative on-site yesterday! It was wonderful!  

    Sasha M. April 2018

    I visited CORE in 2015, receiving care for positional vertigo. I was amazed by  how quickly Mike Burggraaf was able to help me. Then in 2017 I started seeing Justin Scherff for problems with back and knee pain and balance. Justin has helped me a great deal with these problems, and I can happily say that now I can be down on the floor playing with my grandchildren and be able to get up much easier. This has been very important to me and I am very grateful to both Mike an Justin for helping me improve my physical condition. I would recommend Core Physical Therapy  and Mike Burggraaf and Justin Scherff very highly.

    Ann W., March 2018

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