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We take great pride in helping our patients reach their goals by creating a customized treatment program to meet their specific needs. Learn more about how we take the to time treat your issues by reading success stories directly from our patients.

Client Testimonials

  • My therapist was the most in tune to the human body and anatomy of anyone I have met. Her knowledge takes her physical therapy sessions to a whole new level from any other physical therapist I have seen.

    Anita K.

  • My therapist has changed my life in his personal attention to my issue. He did not treat my symptoms, but rather he treated me. Thank you very much.

    Chris H.

  • My therapist took the time to figure out the causes of my symptoms. His approach had been to assess completely what part of my body is the source of the pain. And the hands-on therapy is then a wonderful complement, which leads to resolving the problem.

    Monica B.

  • My physical therapist is wonderful!! She’s very competent, extremely helpful and so knowledgeable. My recovery from knee replacement was remarkably quick and I give my physical therapist much of the credit for this!

    Terri D.

  • My first exposure to therapy of this nature and I could not be more pleased with the service and the therapist. She represents a model of professionalism while being a caring and concerned provider. I will certainly recommend Core Physical Therapy services to others.

    Steve A.

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