4 Hand Movements for the Avid Tech User

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Have you ever developed a sudden cramp in your wrist, followed by your fingers going numb? Did you panic for a moment, wondering if you were developing carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you’re an avid tech user, we’ve got some good news for you—it’s probably not carpal tunnel, and you’re most definitely not alone. Whether you spend all weekend gaming or do all your reading and TV watching on your phone, you may have developed some unhealthy habits when it comes to your hand and wrist movement. Today, we’re going to talk about four hand movements for the avid tech user:

  1. Homecoming Queen wave.

Do you remember those high school parades, where the homecoming court candidates would sit on top of a convertible and do these funny little waves where they move their hands back and forth? Well, that movement is actually a really good exercise for people who constantly cling to a video game controller or smart phone.

  1. Traffic Cop signal.

To do these stretches, extend your arm in front of you with your palm flat and your fingers pointed up, as if you were a traffic cop signaling for cars to stop. Then with your other hand, pull back on the fingers and thumb, holding them back for a count of 10.

  1. Spare some change?

Bend your elbow to your rib cage, then turn your palm upwards, as if you’re asking someone for spare change. Then with your other hand, twist your thumb so it’s facing the opposite wall. Don’t twist until it hurts—wait until you feel that nice pull on the muscles, and keep it there for a count of 10.

  1. It’s A-Okay!

Constantly moving your thumb in just one direction can cause a set of muscles in one part of your hand to be disproportionately stronger than a set of muscles in your other. To compensate for this, touch the tip of each of your fingers, as if you were making the “a-okay” signal. Do this throughout the day when your hands are otherwise occupied.

Tech junkies might rely on robots for day to day lives, but just remember that you’re made of flesh and blood and need to treat your body right. If you’re experiencing mysterious or sudden pain in any part of your body, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Core PT a call!


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