5 Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolution Going

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5 Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolution Going

Did you set a New Year’s resolution to live a healthier life? Lose weight? Eat better? You are not alone. These resolutions are among the most commonly set, but also the most frequently failed. The first few months of the year are the easiest, but are you still succeeding? It has been said that nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail in the first couple of months. Now that the first few months are over, it is time to persevere and keep on track. If you have given up or thought of giving up, check out these tips to keep yourself accountable and back on track!


Make a Plan

Making a plan should be the first step to your resolution. This not only helps hold you accountable but keeps you on track to achieve your goals. The plan can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, but ensuring it is achievable is key.

Be Realistic

You want your plan to be realistic. Not doing this is one of the easiest ways to fail and who wants that? Everyone has dreams of doing something spectacular each year but in reality, setting up small goals and hitting those will not only keep you wanting more but also keep you motivated to carry on with your resolution and lead you to the ultimate success.

Enjoy the Process

Keeping you on track starts and ends with your attitude! Having a positive attitude and really having fun with what you are doing makes your resolution feel less like a chore and more like a new hobby! Be optimistic about your new goal or lifestyle.

Grab a Partner

If having someone along side of you holds you more accountable, grab a partner! You can do things like go for walks, meal prep or even compete with them to keep you on track with your goal. Whether it is a friend or family member, having a sidekick makes everything more enjoyable!

Reward Yourself

You’ve put in the work, so you deserve the reward! Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself a treat every once in a while. Take a day off, eat the donut - you earned it!

Balance is key when you are considering the changes you are making to your lifestyle. However, keeping these 5 tips in mind should aid in holding you accountable for your resolutions. If you are changing your ways due to pain that is occurring or you start encountering pain, physical therapy may be the answer. Contact us with any questions you may have today!

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