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Employee Spotlight: Jodi Hook

Jodi originally graduated from Madrid High School and after graduation, leading up into the beginning of her college career, she had the opportunity to work in a chiropractic clinic. This opportunity changed her course as she had originally planned to go into accounting after high school. After just 3 months, Jodi knew that the health industry was where she wanted to go, particularly in health and patient care. Knowing this, she explored various options at Buena Vista University and discovered that physical therapy seemed to suit her best. 


After BVU, while attending Des Moines University, she met Trever Hook and they were married in April of 2000 before graduating from DMU in June of 2000. After graduating, Trever and Jodi settled in Adel, Iowa and began their careers while also building a family. Jodi worked in acute/hospital care for 4 years where she gained experience working with surgical (ortho), heart (cardiac), lung (pulmonary), cancer (oncology) and geriatric populations. During this time, their family grew from 2 to 4. She then began a 1.5 year stint in outpatient physical therapy back in her hometown of Madrid. While working there, the Hook family grew from 4 to 6 with the addition of twins, and Jodi took a few years off to stay at home and manage the “Hook family farm.” But therapy kept calling, and in 2010, she returned to physical therapy with a short stint in skilled care before joining Core PT in April of 2011. 


Core has been a wonderful fit for many reasons, but mostly because of the extremely individualized patient-centered approach. It allows personal care that can be offered in a 1-on-1 setting with a heavy focus on manual therapy skills. She loves working part-time at Core which allows her the opportunity to care for and love on patients and help them enjoy greater function and joy in life. It also allows her time to continue to spend more time with her family, one of the greatest joys in life. 


  • Something about you that would surprise people? I love to sing. I sing all the time at home and in the car. I used to sing at weddings and church a lot but have only done it for fun the last number of years.

  • What is your favorite part of your job? The clients… because everyone has a story. I love meeting, learning from and about such a wide variety of people and the challenge of serving them in such a way as to help them achieve more optimal health and hopefully be a positive short chapter in their story.

  • What is a dream vacation/trip? Anywhere warm where we can be outside in nature and have no cell phone reception. I love being disconnected from phones with family around me.

  • What three items must your refrigerator contain? Milk. Eggs. Cheese. I get a little nervous if we are out of any one of these items.

  • What is your WHY? To be intentional about meeting people where they are in their story and love them well—right where they are—so that together we can learn and grow into greater health and witness a little heaven on earth in the here and now. 

  • What is your favorite pastime? Hanging out with my family—going for walks together, chatting, movie-watching, laughing, playing cards/ games, traveling, etc. Time with them is always time well spent.

  • What is your guilty pleasure? Coffee with Chocolate Caramel Creamer…It’s my downfall!

  • Favorite Book You’ve Read or Gifted to People the Most? Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I had a client gift this to me a number of years ago and have found so much perspective and comfort in various situations with the scripture and insight offered. Because of that, I continue to read it myself, and I have passed this onto others over the years as well.

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  • Janet Williamson | Jan 31st 2020 @ 10:58 AM

    A session with her is as much for the soul as for the body. I always hate to see it end.

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