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Get to Know Lindsay 

Lindsay Brown has always had a knack for helping people. This started when she was just eight years old. Lindsay used to give her family members massages and help ease the ailments of her aging grandparents. From there on out, she always knew she wanted to do something with her hands to help others. Being able to help her family feel better and have less pain ultimately made Lindsay feel better.

She began her college career as a pre-medical student and quickly realized that she didn’t want to be in school that long and that it wasn’t the right path for her. That’s when she decided that physical therapy might be the right choice for her, and it was. During her time in college, her mother was in a series of car accidents and Lindsay saw firsthand how physical therapy was able to work for her and allow her to function better. Her mother received physical therapy for lower back injuries and neck issues, and PT helped take away those aches and pains.

Lindsay graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science in 2001 and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa in 2003. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, a partner in Core Physical Therapy and is also a practicing physical therapist. She has training in myofascial release, muscle energy technique, visceral mobilization and craniosacral therapy.

When Lindsay isn’t at Core Physical Therapy, she spends her time with her 5 children and is busy doing chores and taking care of her goats, chickens and turkeys. By the time she sees her first patient, she has already finished her barn chores and a warm cup of coffee! Next time you are in Core Physical Therapy, say hello to Lindsay and ask her about her children or animals - she would love to tell you more!


Learn More About Lindsay

  • What is your favorite part of your job?

Using my hands and knowledge of the body to help others have a better quality of life.

  • What is your dream vacation or trip?  

My dream vacation is to go with my husband to the Cinque Terre--5 cities along the western coast of Italy where we will enjoy the beach, the ocean air, hiking and exploring the shops and restaurants of the quaint Italian towns.

  • What three items must your refrigerator contain?  

Almond milk, coconut creamer for my coffee, and Kerrygold Irish butter

  • What is your WHY?  

To help my patients find their best quality of life through improved function, understanding the signals of their body, gaining the tools to help their bodies and having relief from pain.

  • What is your favorite pastime?  

It's a toss-up between hiking and reading.

  • What is your guilty pleasure?

A morning cup of coffee.


Favorite Book you've read or gifted to people the most?

Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. I've gifted this book to many people. It gives a lot of insight into the mind/body connection. Another tool for your toolbox of attaining your best quality of life.


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