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Employee Spotlight: Robin Forster

Robin grew up in Minnesota and was a multisport athlete participating in volleyball, softball and dance throughout her school years. In high school, she knew she had an affinity fors science but wasn't yet clear on what career she wanted to work towards after graduation. She decided to pursue her dream of playing a sport in college and signed with Morningside College to play volleyball. During the final weeks of her freshman season, she experienced her first major sports injury: a torn ACL. It was through that injury and recovery process that Robin discovered physical therapy. She fell in love with the body's ability to heal using exercise and manual treatment as medicine and decided to pursue physical therapy as a career. 

Robin then transferred to the University of Northern Iowa to complete her Bachelor's degree in Biology and went on to earn her physical therapy degree at Des Moines University. She was inspired by the manual therapy techniques she learned at DMU, and upon graduation hoped to join a company with a similar osteopathic and holistic treatment approach. After seeing the way Core PT practiced, she was hooked and knew it would be the perfect fit for her. She joined the practice in June 2019 and has loved it ever since.

As Robin has grown through her physical therapy schooling and experience, her fascination and appreciation for the human body and its ability to heal has also grown and continues to do so. She quotes, "Being a part of the Core family has offered me the opportunity to continue learning new hands-on techniques and expand my skills as a young therapist every day. Their commitment to mentorship and learning from such a fantastic group of people has made for a very impactful start to my career."

Robin currently resides in West Des Moines with her boyfriend, Alec, and 2-year old black lab, Maya. In her free time, Robin enjoys spending time with her friends and family, being outdoors and cheering on her beloved Minnesota sports teams. Stop in at Core Physical Therapy in Adel to get to know Robin and see how she can help you today!


Fun facts about Robin

  • Something that would surprise people: I'm sort of an amateur artist. You can find my original paintings hanging in my treatment room.
  • Favorite part of the job: My patients and their expressions of appreciation. It's gratifying to know I was able to help them make a positive change in their lives.
  • Dream vacation: Road trip across the US and Canada and stop at every National Park to hike around/explore the area.
  • 3 items your fridge always contains: Fresh fruit, veggies, salsa and cheese.
  • Your “why”: To help patients improve and empower them by giving them the tools to help improve themselves, so they can go live their best lives!
  • Favorite past time: Reading a good book or working on a creative project.
  • Guilty pleasure: I'm a sucker for homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • Favorite book you've read or gifted to others: Too hard to choose! My favorite genre/topic is nonfiction, specifically about medicine/health and personal development.


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