How Physical Therapy Helps You Manage Pain

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How Physical Therapy Helps You Manage Pain

If you’re experiencing pain or physical discomfort, the last thing you feel like doing is moving. It is more alluring to lay down with a cold compress and some aspirin. Yet, did you know that exercise might be the very thing you need in order to feel better? Physical therapy can not only help you recover from injury, but lessen your current and recurring pain. It is the first stopping point in the healthcare system to help you with your pain management. Here’s how:


Gets You Moving

It’s hard to get motivated to move when you are in pain. Physical therapists challenge you to get moving because they know that with movement comes healing. In fact, physical inactivity is associated with chronic musculoskeletal complaints. When you are not active, you become weak, which can further exacerbate the pain. They will encourage you to stick to the treatment plan to improve your quality of life.


Careful Progression

Your therapist will not expect you to do high intensity movements on day one. They understand the ailments you are facing and will show you how to slowly build up your strength. It is rewarding to see yourself improving each session. They will monitor this progression and adjust your treatment accordingly. They typically start you off with passive treatments as you work your way to active treatments.


Passive treatments are things like deep tissue massages or cold laser therapy. Active treatments are the exercises that build muscle and help you deal with your pain.


Personalized Treatment

One of the best benefits of PT is how your therapist gets to know you and what your goals are in terms of pain management. They create a plan that is suited specifically to your abilities and lifestyle, while still challenging you to push yourself. The physical therapist will determine your pain level and work with you to help you cope with your pain and reach your treatment goals. This relationship is incredibly valuable to patients with chronic pain. You want someone who will believe your pain and work with you frequently to manage it.


Pain Specialties

Physical therapists can choose to specialize in treatments focused on treating specific ailments. Two therapy techniques that have proven to aid in pain management are Craniosacral and Myofascial Release.


Craniosacral therapy can help improve your overall health by relieving pain, releasing tension and reducing the impacts of chronic pain throughout the body. Myofascial Release Therapy improves the function of fascia, a system that surrounds bones, muscles, nerves, organs and blood vessels, which can become damaged over time. Both of these are offered at Core PT.

If you’re living with chronic or acute pain, make an appointment with the experts at Core PT today!


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