How We’ve Helped Heal Those with Little Hope

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How We’ve Helped Heal Those with Little Hope

We see it often as new patients come into our office. They feel they have tried everything, but after the coaxing from their primary provider or loved ones, they decided to give physical therapy a try. They have a variety of health concerns with chronic and acute pain. While it saddens us to see people in this state, it also motivates us to be the answer to their relief.

Here is Meghan’s story:

This place is truly amazing. I walked in with little hope of recovering from whiplash pain that I had been dealing with for two months. The pain was all consuming and distracting. Within a few short visits my pain quickly diminished. I have been given tools to quickly relieve episodes of pain when I do experience it. I now feel empowered and like I will recover. The customer service is top notch, everyone is so friendly and positive. This review can't even begin to describe what a blessing being referred to Core Physical Therapy has been.

Neck pain caused by an injury like whiplash is extremely common, which means our physical therapists know precisely the treatment that will work in helping you find long-term relief. Whiplash is damage to the soft tissue in the neck and because the neck is used in practically every movement you make, it can be an incredibly frustrating and debilitating pain. With a combination of craniosacral therapy and other PT guided interventions, we are able to get patients with whiplash feeling improvement quickly.

Why You Should Give PT a Shot

Physical therapy doesn’t just help one type of injury, it can help with hundreds. Instead of prescribing a treatment and sending you on your way, physical therapy encourages you to be an active participant in your recovery with the help of an expert along the way. We have treatment options to help you see improvement immediately and long-term. Physical therapy can even help with:

  • Avoidance of Opioids- Opioids are prescribed often for pain, but the consequences of withdrawal can have negative outcomes such as depression and in many cases, addiction. PT can help with pain management without medication.

  • Prevention of Pain and Symptoms- If you’ve been diagnosed with a disease or a disorder, completing a treatment plan designed for you can help to prevent pain and symptoms caused by your diagnosis.

  • Management of Age-Related Issues- As we age, it’s so important to make sure that you are taking care of your body through physical movement. Our PTs are able to help you recover from joint surgery, arthritis and many age-related health issues.

Without proper medical care, many diseases, disorders, conditions and injuries get worse. Physical therapy treatment is a way to eliminate symptoms and slow the progression of long-term conditions. Effective physical therapy not only helps you heal, but avoid injuries in the future.

If you feel like you can’t heal and you’ve tried it all, please consider scheduling an appointment with us today. In the state of Iowa, most insurance companies don’t require that you have a doctor’s note to see a physical therapist, so feel free to reach out to us today!


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