Pain Awareness Month: How to Eliminate Your Pain

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Pain Awareness Month: How to Eliminate Your Pain

When you have chronic pain, the only thing that you’re thinking about is how you can get rid of it. There are people who just recently started to suffer from pain or people who have suffered from chronic pain for years and have tried endless amounts of treatments to help, but nothing does. We’re here to let you know that physical therapy can help all of you! Here are some reviews to prove it. 

This place is truly amazing. I walked in with little hope of recovering from whiplash pain that I had been dealing with for two months. The pain was all-consuming and distracting. Within a few short visits, my pain quickly diminished. I have been given the tools to quickly relieve episodes of pain when I do experience it. I now feel empowered. Their customer service is top-notch - everyone is so friendly and positive. This review can't even begin to describe what a blessing being referred to Core Physical Therapy has been. - Meghan R. 

What pain you have that you don’t think will ever go away, can and will by being dealt with by a Core Physical Therapist. It's not done by maybes, only expertise and hard work. If you think it will happen, it will. - Bob L.

These are just a couple of many patient testimonials that have suffered either short or long term pain that has had amazing results at Core PT! We encourage you to give us a try, no matter how long you have been having pain for. If you’re looking for some information about what physical therapy can do for you, look no further. Here we will provide you with what kinds of physical therapy can help you and give you some tips to utilize at home for faster improvement and better results. 


What Physical Therapy Can Help Me?

It’s easier said than done to list off exactly what can help you reduce pain without a proper evaluation, but knowing you will get a customized treatment plan should keep you feeling confident in the results you will see. 

The severity, location and history of the pain are all things that we take into consideration when evaluating you and creating your plan. Often, it will be a mixture of treatments and types of PT that will help you best, which is why people see such great results at Core. Everyone’s pain is not the same, so why should it be treated the same? Overall, your therapist will be using a hands-on technique and will give you exercises to do at home so that you can see great results - fast. 


Tips for Faster Improvement

  • Always do your exercises at home when told to.

  • Keep a routine and stay active if you are able.

  • Take a look at your diet and make needed adjustments to help your body’s health overall.

  • Ask for help or assistance if you need it, don’t push yourself past your limits. 

  • Communicate with your therapist, be truthful about your concerns and always ask questions! 

We hope this helps and steers you in the right direction if you are suffering from pain. Please don’t hesitate to call with questions about your pain and to learn more about how we can help you get back to doing what you love and living pain-free.


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