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What Are People Saying About Core PT?

When you make the decision to seek physical therapy treatment, you’re doing so because you’re looking for a solution to a specific issue. We believe in providing you with a treatment plan that is tailored for your specific condition and to meet your therapy goals.


Our physical therapists will work with you in a one-on-one setting, allowing you to feel comfortable with the person providing your treatment and to develop a rapport with your therapist. We take great pride in what we do, but don’t just take our word for it! See what people are saying about us:


“Ellen is great. Very knowledgeable and will show you what you can do at home so you heal quicker. The best part is that they have individual treatment rooms and you're not in a big room with a bunch of patients.” -Dan M.


“I have been going to Core for about 3 weeks now seeing Justin. In just a short 3 weeks, my recovery has been amazing. I have full use and motion of my shoulder with no pain pills or other medications. Would and have recommended them to friends and family.” -Ryan O.


“Kirsten is very knowledgeable & very personable. She’s reduced my pain significantly. I’ve gained flexibility & strength back. I’m gaining my life back after car accidents. I went to other physical therapy clinics for over a year & it was torture. So, I was very skeptical about Core initially.” -Andrea C.


“This place is truly amazing. I walked in with little hope of recovering from whiplash pain that I had been dealing with for 2 months. The pain was all consuming and distracting. Within a few short visits my pain quickly diminished. I have been given tools to quickly relieve episodes of pain when I do experience it. I now feel empowered and like I will recover. The customer service is top notch, everyone is so friendly and positive. This review can't even begin to describe what a blessing being referred to Core PT has been.” -Meghan R.


“Dr. Radke is amazing! Leaving with almost zero pain after a visit is so amazing. We send all our friends/family to Core for all their needs. Can't say enough nice things about them and their staff!” -Sarah R.


“Not your normal PT. I have done PT other places with little or no results. The therapists at Core are beyond amazing at their jobs. I cannot thank them enough for getting rid of that stiff feeling and restoring my ROM!” -Bettina H.


Even the other PTs recommend us!

“I put my trust in the therapists at Core PT (and I am a PT). Steve, Lindsay and Jenna have treated me with professionalism, expertise and great success. Thank you!” -Sandra N.


If you want to experience what Core Physical Therapy can do for you, make an appointment with us today!



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