What are you thankful for this season?

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What are you thankful for this season?

‘Tis the season for family festivities, friends and food - a lot of food. To say it’s easy to overeat during the holiday season is an understatement for most, especially when you are trying to eat healthy. November brings the beginning of the festivities, but it is also a time to remember what you are thankful for, and your health should be on the top of your list. Core Physical Therapy is here to provide you with some tips on how to eat healthy and keep up on your exercise routine over the holiday season so that you too can be thankful for good health and live a joyful and prosperous 2020.

Eating healthy is often easier said than done. We typically know what is and is not good for our bodies, but resisting the temptation is half the battle, especially when you are surrounded by grandma’s home cooking and sweet treats. Below are a few tips and tricks to have up your sleeve so that you can be sure to maintain a healthy diet and limit the intake of unhealthy food this time of year.

Healthy Eating Tips

  • Eat before you go: By eating before you go, you will be full from enjoying healthy food from home so that it’s easier to say no to the not so healthy options.
  • Limit alcohol: If your family is one to drink and be merry, try bringing a healthy alternative for a drink to help resist the temptation.
  • Stay out of the kitchen: Offer to help in different ways or socialize in a different area to keep your sticky fingers away from stealing snacks.
  • Grab a small plate: If there are ‘dessert plates’ at the festivity, use one of those as your meal plate to limit portion size to help avoid overeating.
  • Offer to bring a healthy food option: This is a great time to swap out mashed potatoes and gravy with sweet potatoes! Bring something that you can still indulge in without the guilt and upset stomach.
  • Make your plate colorful and portion your food: This is something we hear often, but for good reason. Include all colors on your plate and save a small amount of space for the sweet treat you can’t resist. Moderation is key and filling up with veggies and fruits prior to the bread and potatoes will have you thanking your body when the party's over.


Keeping up with your exercise routine during the holidays is a must, especially if it is hard to follow the healthy eating habits we listed above. Whether you are exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle or working on improving your health or coming back from an injury, these tips will be beneficial to you.

Exercise and Activity Tips

  • Do a condensed version of your workout. If you are crunched on time but still want to squeeze something in, amp up the intensity and shorten the time of your routine. It’s a win-win!
  • Get active when traveling. Whether you’re driving or flying long distances, make sure to incorporate some sort of movement whenever you can. Walk the aisles, get out at every gas station - anything is better than nothing.
  • Invite others to workout with you! Whether you have an at-home routine from your physical therapist to recover from an injury or you’re following an online video, anyone can get active with you at your family events. It will help hold you accountable and get their activity level up too!
  • Plan ahead and be creative. If you can’t bring equipment with you, use the stairs for cardio! There are endless options to make modifications so you’re able to work out wherever you are. If you have a physical therapy routine you’re instructed to do, communicate with your therapist to see what would work best for you!


It’s important to know that while it’s important to eat healthy and stay active, getting off track one day shouldn’t keep you down. Make sure you bounce right back into your routine and it will be as if it never happened. If you’re needing help with your exercise routine to ensure you’re staying healthy and getting to where you want to be, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Core physical therapist for advice! 


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