What Causes Patients to Seek Physical Therapy?

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What Causes Patients to Seek Physical Therapy?

We hate to see it, but we do every day. Patients come in that have needed our help for years but have put off making their appointment or did not realize the impact we could have on relieving their pain. There are many common ailments that we are able to help with. We can help them to alleviate their pain or eliminate it completely.


Neck & Back Pain

Many people suffer from some form of neck or back pain. Too many people suffer in silence for years, thinking that the pain will go away on its own or is just something they have to live with. They then turn to medications in order to find some relief. A common injury in car accidents is whiplash. A physical therapist can massage, help improve movement and reorient the neck muscles to alleviate pain. Physical therapy can help you rehabilitate from injuries, surgery and general chronic back and neck pain.


Knee & Leg Pain

Knee injuries are very common with young athletes that manifest as tendonitis or a meniscal tear. This often happens from not knowing the proper form or having weak supporting muscles to protect the joints. Not treating this injury can make it worse or make you afraid of being active at all. Leg pain can be very complex as there are many potential pain points. The cause may be blood vessels, nerves or even a back problem extending to your legs.


Foot Pain

There are many people with chronic foot pain. This can come in the form of plantar fasciitis or even arthritis. Many people are surprised to learn how much physical therapy can help with their foot pain. They can help show patients moves to improve flexibility and how to manage pain at home with simple exercises.


Women’s Health

At Core PT, we specialize in Women’s Health. Women’s bodies go through changes in different ways than men. This can result in unique back and pelvic pain. Physical therapists that specialize in women’s health are familiar with the changes that a woman goes through. We understand that it can take a toll on their bodies in addition to disorders that only impact women.


Physical Therapy often is the best option to get you back to optimal health. If you’re looking for relief, visit Core Physical Therapy today.




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