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At Core Physical Therapy, we are celebrating victories on a daily basis with our patients. See what our patients are now able to do because of our incredible team of PTs!

Meet Sara
From No Sleep & a Rotator Cuff Tear to Great Sleep and No Discomfort!

woman holding sign saying she can now sleep on her left side

Sarah started at Core for shoulder pain after a tough winter. When she first started she was concerned about a rotator cuff tear because she couldn’t move, drive, or get a good nights sleep. After eight visits she is back to full function, can move freely throughout her day and FINALLY sleep on her cherished left side at night! Congratulations on your success story Sarah!

Meet Jeremy
From a Shoulder Surgery Possibility to No Surgery and No Pain!

Jeremy avoided a costly shoulder surgery by coming to Core first. After weeks of physical therapy with our team, he can now lift up his three year old and spend summer afternoons on the golf course. 

Meet Camryn
From a Patellar Dislocation to a Fully Functioning Knee!

Camryn first came to Core Physical Therapy with a patellar dislocation. But after surgery and several weeks of physical therapy, she's all smiles now. She can walk, run, play sports, and everything in between.

Meet Shirley
From Struggling with Her Daily Routine to Participating in Her Favorite Activities!

This recent Core graduate came to us after becoming frustrated with her inability to participate in daily activities due to pain. After working with one of our PT’s, Mary Beth, she was able to return to her routine AND finally enjoy one of her favorite activities again: taking walks! 

Meet Jake
From Knee Pain to Running with His Dogs!

After injuring his knee, Jake came to Core for rehabilitation therapy. He diligently worked with our therapists to gradually improve his muscle function and is now back to some of his favorite activities like fishing and running with his dog. 

Meet Dan
From Years of Shoulder Pain to Lap Swimming Without Pain!

After years of shoulder pain prevented him from being able to swim, Dan turned to Core. By working with our PT's, he was able to finally get back in the water...just in time for summer swims!

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