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3 Core Focus Areas For New Patients

3 core focus areas

Last month, it was mentioned that part of why we do what we do is because we want to help people. Our profession has a unique opportunity to help people in a variety of ways to truly resolve issues instead of masking and ignoring the issue.

At the end of the day, we want to help you feel confident in doing what you want to do so that you can enjoy what life has to offer. If you’re a new patient, here’s what you should know about our approach.


This is the main reason people come to see us. Bodies are complex, and it can be confusing why something started hurting all of the sudden, especially if you’ve done that same thing countless times before with no issues. Or you’ve had surgery and were told you need to go to physical therapy. Or maybe you’ve tried to fix the issue you’re dealing with for a long time without success. Of the variety of reasons people come to see us, the thing everyone has in common is that they want to FEEL BETTER.

We apply our knowledge of the human body to what the patient tells us is going on, and after assessing the body for potential issues, determine what treatment plan would be best for the patient. This plan has the potential to be adjusted at every visit, however, depending on how the patient is doing. Sometimes patients get better faster than expected, and sometimes a change in plan is needed. We love to see fast improvements, but even more importantly, we love to see lasting improvements.


Part of the treatment plan involves equipping the patient to know why a particular stretch will help them or how their daily routine is affecting them. Remember, our bodies are complex. There is a reason education for physical therapists takes a long time-there’s a lot of information to cover! But we don’t want to keep this information to ourselves and keep our patients in the dark about what we are doing. We want them to understand the WHY, because that will motivate them to stay consistent with what we want patients to do on their own, such as doing an exercise or changing a routine.

WE WILL Connect you with other providers

We don’t know everything, nor do we claim to. Because our goal is to get YOU feeling better, sometimes that involves referrals to other providers because things can be outside our area of expertise. We strive to build a quality network of providers in other fields so that you can feel confident in who we recommend. And this isn’t limited to the healthcare field. We work to build relationships with professionals in a variety of any field that helps to improve your overall wellbeing. 

If any of these ways we help patients caught your attention, come schedule an appointment with us! We’d love to have the opportunity to help you feel better.

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