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3 Reasons Why You Can Benefit from Pelvic Floor Therapy

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Approximately 25 million Americans live with some form of incontinence, and one out of every five experience pelvic floor dysfunction. While this can be a taboo subject to talk about, at Core Physical Therapy, we believe it’s important to address all aspects of your health.

While it’s more common for women to take part in pelvic floor therapy, we’ve treated men as well. If you experience one of these three conditions, you could benefit from meeting with a professional from Core PT:

  1. Incontinence –Incontinence is thought of common symptom of aging, but it’s actually not considered normal and can affect anyone at any age. While childbirth and aging can play a role in developing incontinence, stress can also be a trigger. Incontinence can present itself in different forms for different reasons but pelvic floor therapy can be the solution.
  2. Pelvic Pain – Between 8-10% of the male population will suffer from pelvic pain and can often go misdiagnosed. For women, a number of different causes could be the culprit of pelvic pain including endometriosis and urinary tract infections. Nerve compression and joint issues can also be attributed to pelvic pain.
  3. Pregnancy and Postpartum – During pregnancy, muscles and ligaments become relaxed as you grow and stretch. It’s no wonder why some women who gave birth may face issues with their pelvic floor postpartum. While most new mothers assume the pain and discomfort is normal it’s not and there is treatment for it.

If you’re looking to reduce and eliminate your symptoms we encourage you to make an appointment today. Each of our sessions lasts 45 minutes, and you will work with an actual therapist, not a technician, which means your specialist will have at least three years of post-graduate education. In the state of Iowa, you don’t need your doctor to approve physical therapy in order for your private insurance carrier to cover the session, so that’s one less appointment that you have to make!

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