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4 Reasons Why Your Back Hurts After a Run

Close up image of running shoes on a muddy trail

There’s nothing like summer weather to get you back into the habit of running! This time of the year it’s consistently warm, the trails are pleasantly shaded, and everything is lush and green.

Then one day, your lower back hurts so much that you can barely tie your laces, let alone go for a run. If you’ve experiences this, it may be due to one of four reasons:

  1. You’re Not Stretching Properly
    Stretches need to be done both before and after a run. If you’re not stretching properly, this could lead to back pain. The best way to perform a pre-run stretch is to lay flat on your back, then raise one leg straight in the air. You should then reach with the arm on the same side of the body as close as you can to the raised leg. Do this three times to both legs for maximum results.
  2. Your Shoes are Worn Out
    There’s a number of different ways a runner can hurt his or her back. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced your running shoes, you could experience back pain. High arches, muscle strain, scoliosis and leg-length discrepancy can also cause you to feel discomfort.
  3. You Have a Herniated Disc
    Back pain can also be caused by a herniated disc. The disc acts as a shock absorber for the lower back, and repetitive stress can cause your symptoms to worsen. If you experience this, stop running and see your doctor. You may need to use a number of different treatments to address the pain, including physical therapy. Our Spine Pain program help address some of the pain caused by herniated discs, as well as other biomechanical problems that cause lower back pain.
  4. You Have Tension in the fascia
    The fascia is a system that surrounds the bones, muscles, nerves, organs and blood vessels. It can be damaged over time, which can cause you to feel acute back pain. At Core PT, we use a hands-on methods to address it, called Myofascial Release Therapy. This method has been proven to relieve a wide variety of issues, including back pain.

At Core PT, we specialize in spinal health. We offer a wide range of services that can address both acute and chronic lower back pain. If you’re ready to hit the trails again, give us a call and set up an appointment today!

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