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5 Health Benefits of Walking

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March holds the first day of spring and whether the weather is ready for us or not, we are coming out! Many think that the only way to truly benefit your health is through vigorous exercise, but the truth is that there are many benefits to walking that go unvalued. Get your walk on and get moving this spring. Share these benefits of walking with your future walking buddy, as it can be more fun in pairs!

Supercharge Your Immune System

We aren’t out of flu season just yet and your immune system can always use a boost! This 2010 study showed that those who walked 30-45 minutes every day had 43% less sick days and less sickness overall. With the weather warming up, who has time to be sick?

Boost Brain Health

Did you realize that walking is good for your brain? If you have noticed, when you are finished with a walk, you often feel happier and energized. Walking improves circulation and gets oxygen flowing towards the brain.

Reduce Stress

Walking is a great way to lift your spirits, no matter where you walk. However, if you get the chance to walk outside and get some sunshine, it can double your enjoyment tenfold. Walking produces endorphins, which are mood boosters. Many think that endorphins can only be attained with heavy cardio exercise, but walking can do just the same! It may even help feelings of depression or anxiety. It’s a great way to clear your mind. Take in a deep breath of that fresh air and let your worries fade as you walk.

Assist in Joint Pain Management

If you have arthritis, or any joint pain, walking may provide some relief. When you are in pain, the last thing you want to do is move, but it is the first thing you should do. Moving the joints by walking lubricates the joints and strengthens the leg muscles to aid in taking pressure off of the joints.

Lower Blood Sugar

After your lunch break, work in a walk around the office or outside. This may help in lowering your blood pressure. It may even negate some need for medication to help manage hypertension.

In celebration of spring arriving, make it your goal to go for more walks and enjoy the outdoors. If you are in need of assistance, reach out to us for help! In the state of Iowa, most insurance companies don’t require that you have a doctor’s note to see a physical therapist, so feel free to reach out to us today!

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