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From the Therapist’s Desk: November 2022

November 2022

Each month we’ll bring you a note from one of our therapists. It might be something they’re reading, learning or just something they want to share.

This month’s note is from Ellen Majewski, PT, DPT:

Ellen Majewski is my name, but that tells you absolutely nothing about what makes me, me! This message will give you a small glimpse into my life. The categories of attitude, exercise, diet, downtime, and faith perfectly sum me up.  

My physical absolutes are diet and exercise. I start each morning with forty-five minutes of cardio followed by resistance/weight training. This habit was developed years ago during my college basketball years. To this day, I still enjoy observing and participating in any sport. As far as my diet, this is always a priority. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I eat naturally and obviously, gluten free. Lean proteins and a lot of vegetables and fruits are my staples. There is no cheating; believe me, I’ve tried, and it does not end favorably.

My mental absolutes include attitude, downtime, and my faith. I start and end my day reading (and thus, hopefully living) inspirational messages. This keeps me motivated, passionate, and driven. Engaging in activities with friends, family, or even solo are a priority. This allows me to mindfully disengage, if needed, and just have fun.  

How does my life/routine relate to Core Physical Therapy?  My patients and I are a team. Many of their health issues I can personally relate to. I have the passion and compassion to devise a personal plan for each client to fit their individual needs. Chronic pain is a definite area of interest to me. My past sports injuries give me an insight into what this can actually entail.

Who am I? I am Ellen Jean Majewski, PT, DPT. My attitude, exercise, diet, leisure, and my faith makes me, me! I am so blessed to be living this life I love, and I want others to feel the same. Keeping it all together isn’t always easy, but it is well worth it. 

His Blessings!

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