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Getting to the Core of Your Headaches with Physical Therapy

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If you suffer from chronic headaches, you know there are days when you would do almost anything to alleviate them. Luckily, there is a powerful tool that can do just that—physical therapy!

We work to get to the core of your pain, and often headaches can be caused by something else that’s gone wrong in the body. Some of those include:

Musculoskeletal Issues.

Things such as muscles tension and tightness can often be the culprit when it comes to headaches. Tightness between the shoulder blades or in the back can cause them, as can neck issues. Many patients come in complaining of these issues, not realizing that their headaches are connected to them.

We can show you stretches that can relieve that tension, and exercises that will strengthen the muscle groups responsible for them. Once you become stronger in the problem areas, you’ll often find that your headaches disappear!

Posture issues

Another cause of headaches is poor posture. It can cause some of the musculoskeletal issues we mentioned above, as well as lead to spinal issues. When you make an appointment with Core Physical Therapy, we will evaluate your biomechanics to see if posture is causing any you problems. We can offer you recommendations that will help treat any conditions that might result from it.

Fascial Issues.

Within the body is a complex netting called the fascia. It surrounds the bones, nerves, muscles and organs. Any issues with it can cause acute headaches. At Core, we can treat it with a therapy known as myofascial release. It’s a hands-on technique that can detect restrictions not picked up on X-Rays or MRIs. After we find those restrictions, we’re able to gently loosen them.

Don’t let a headache keep you from enjoying the holidays! If you keep getting them, don’t reach for a bottle of pills—reach for the phone and make an appointment with Core Physical Therapy today! In the state of Iowa, most insurers don’t require that you get your doctor’s permission before setting up an appointment with a physical therapist.

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