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How to Strengthen Your Brain

Illustration of a brain lifting a barbell over itself

In the spirit of Brain Awareness Week from March 16th-22nd, we at Core PT want to help our customers learn more about brain injury prevention and strengthening. We are a big advocate for PT evaluation and treatment after any head injury, concussion, car accident, etc. Treatments we offer will assist with restoring optimal function to the head, neck and spine areas. Let’s learn more about how to improve your brain strength!

Craniosacral Therapy & Your Brain

Looking for something to relieve pain, release tension and reduce chronic pain throughout the body?  Craniosacral therapy might be just what you need. Our therapists are specialized in evaluating and treating restrictions in the connective tissue that surrounds your nervous system to restore mobility and function with effects that are wide-reaching throughout the body. We are one of the only physical therapy companies specially trained in this type of treatment in the Des Moines Metro Area. Check out this review from a patient who greatly benefited from this type of treatment:

“Just “graduated” from Mike and Justin’s care following a concussion and whiplash. Their knowledge and expertise continues to be beyond remarkable. I so appreciate their time, respect, and enthusiasm when teaching the physiology behind the therapy they administer…I’ve learned so much. Graduating is bittersweet…I am going to miss these two gentlemen as well as all the office staff!!! Such a positive and kind group of people who are genuinely good, good humans…golden to the “CORE.” Thanks so much to all of you!”

Like our Facebook page for more updates on our team and therapies we have to offer! Some of the many conditions that Craniosacral therapy can improve include migraines and headaches, chronic neck or back pain, stress and tension. For more information and to learn more about the benefits, visit our website.

Vestibular Therapy & Your Brain

Do you ever suffer from dizziness, vertigo, balance or falls? Our staff at Core PT offers one-on-one programs to improve your vestibular disorders. This individualized therapy is used to re-train and strengthen your body’s balance system and improve those irritating symptoms.

Vestibular disorders affect people of all ages, although our balance system ages with us. Our second bit of advice is not to let your symptoms of dizziness go untreated. Do yourself a favor and consider Vestibular therapy! Learn more here.

Gut Health & Your Brain

Most people don’t realize the distinct relationship between the health of your gut and your brain. What you consume affects all parts of your body, including your brain. If you aren’t always fueling your body with nutritious foods, your troubled intestines can send signals to your brain. This stomach distress can be the cause of stress, anxiety or depression since there’s a distinct gut-brain connection.

That being said, our final bit of advice is to be aware of your intestinal problems, like cramps or heartburn, because these things can be related to stress. Provide your body with the fuel your brain will appreciate!

As one of the only physical therapy companies in Central Iowa offering Craniosacral therapy, we are happy to inform you of all the benefits our services can offer your brain. To learn more about brain strength or the therapies we offer, contact us. Happy Brain Awareness Week from Core PT!

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