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Meet Core Physical Therapy’s Whole Health: Break the Cycle of Injury, Illness, and Insurance

Whole Health

Are you someone who sees a high value in caring for yourself and wants tailored guidance for wellness and longevity?

Do you value an alternative approach to health and wellbeing? 

Meet Whole Health: Breaking the Cycle of Injury, Illness, and Insurance

There is a rapidly growing trend for wellness in today’s world, with the foundational question of  “how do I get well and stay well?” 

At Core Physical Therapy, we believe the body is fully capable and designed to heal itself. We believe that the body knows what it needs to maintain itself and keep itself well; and at the same time the daily experiences called life can accumulate and can limit the body’s ability to self-regulate, manage, and heal.  

These hurdles can be physical, emotional, or even nutritional. As physical therapists, we investigate and try to uncover the why.  

“Why am I more tired than before?” 
“Why can’t I get over this?” 
“Why can’t I move like I used to?” 

By digging into these questions we can get behind whatever stands in the way of the healing, wholeness and wellness that you are looking for.

Our Whole Health program has a wide-range of offerings. It’s flexible, inclusive, and tailored to your individual needs. Each of Core’s therapists holds unique specialty knowledge to provide you with a variety of wellness opportunities: nutrition, somatic movement, yoga, body balancing, dry needling and so much more as to how best to care for your body. 

What does Whole Health look like?

The first step in our Whole Health program is to establish your specific hopes, dreams, and goals.  A clear vision of what you’d like to see change in your health and wellbeing for the future is paramount.

Once the vision and goals are established we create a unique and individualized plan for this journey we take together. This could be with one provider or a unique combination of providers on your journey, all depending on your health and wellbeing goals.  

Think about mountain climbers… those climbing Mount Everest need teams of people at different times to help them ascend the summit, versus only needing a map for climbing up a hill in the right direction. There are no limits to this program and no one size fits all!

We will walk side-by-side towards the vision and are committed to going the distance. Our 1:1 sessions last up to 45 minutes depending on what is needed at each visit.  We will adjust the frequency of your plan as needed because there is no one-size-fits all wellness model.

Wellness Interruption?

Let’s say while you are in wellness care, you experience an injury, car accident, or develop pain/stiffness/tightness that is starting to impact your daily function, then what?  We will seamlessly shift over to our insurance-based care model, work within your insurance company’s benefit program until the problem is resolved, and then pick right-back up where we left off in your Whole Health program. 

The Power of Mind-Body Connection

Whole Health, and more broadly all of our physical therapists, deeply understands the inter-relationship of the mind-body connection. 

A quick disclaimer: we are not, nor pretend to be, mental health professionals.

Our programs and offerings are not a primary care option for people who are looking for mental health providers. Our services and offerings are, however, complimentary, integrative and supportive for people who are looking for peace and rest in their life.  

How can Whole Health help with finding peace?

It all comes down to your nervous system! Many times, an out-of-balance nervous system  is contributing to symptoms like anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, chronic pain, etc.  Does anyone else think the world is in overdrive and we just need to brake, but we can’t find the brake? 

Our team of physical therapists have skills and techniques that can help regulate your nervous system, so that you can finally relax and be at ease. Then, we will give YOU the tools to help strengthen your self-regulation abilities and help with speed-bumps along the way. 

As you grow and change, so will our recommendations for you to continue towards peace. We know that we cannot do the work for the patient, but we will do everything in our power to help and be a strong partner. Whole Health is built for this partnership, so participation in the process is essential to your success.

How This is Different Than Yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful discipline for creating mind-body awareness, in fact a few of our therapists are certified yoga teachers. Whole Health can go much deeper than that because we give you a 1:1 approach vs a class-setting. Our process includes hands-on techniques to guide the body into change and it can also include individualized supplementation and nutritional guidance. Many times there are yoga poses that are given as a part of a home exercise program to help facilitate the body’s changes because they are so effective.

How This is Different Than Massage?

Many of our patients also see high value in getting massages. We love and support massage therapists, as some of our patients are massage therapists!  Our myofascial, craniosacral and visceral techniques are specialized ways to not just get knots out, but rather restore the mobility and function of the body while also giving you the skills and tools of how to keep it well.  We want our patients to want to participate in the process because ownership creates lasting change. 

How This is Different Than Chiropractic Care?

Some of our patients might say “this sounds like my chiropractor.”  If your chiropractor focuses on wellness, creating individualized plans for health and well-being, then yes it does! As Physical therapists, we are movement specialists; we use our specific knowledge base and training to create a custom-made exercise program to help facilitate the changes of the body.  We love and support providers who are passionate about helping people get well and stay well and our Whole Health program will certainly have a physical therapy flavor to it!

Take the Next Step

When you are ready to start your Whole Health journey, the first step is to give us a call or fill out our form here, which will kick off the paperwork process and finding a time that works well for you! The initial consultation will take approximately 45 minutes. You will come away from the first visit with the individual plan and next steps.  

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