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Treating Pain Takes Teamwork

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There are a variety of options to take when it comes to treating your pain, but one thing that helps all kinds of pain is having a support system to back you when the alternatives are not. We like to say that treating pain takes teamwork. Having a team behind you to cheer you on and support you goes a long way while on the road to success. Whether this team includes your parents, siblings, friends or your physical therapist, having someone there for you can act as your backbone in healing. Here, we will talk about the ways to treat and not to treat your pain and how your team can help you along the way.

How to Treat Your Pain

There are a variety of options for the treatment of pain both including and not including medicine. Here at Core Physical Therapy, we promote exercises for an at-home approach, and at your appointment, we use a hands-on approach to get the best results, especially for long-lasting chronic pain. One of our specialties is Myofascial Release Therapy in which we use soft touch and gentle manual interventions to help treat both chronic and acute pain. This type of therapy can help relieve a variety of problems including*:

  • Back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Migraines & headaches
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Joint pain
  • Bursitis
  • Women’s health problems
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis

How NOT to Treat Your Pain

While there are many ways to help treat your pain, there are also many ways that can cause trouble when attempting to treat your pain. America is currently in an opioid epidemic due to these pain-relieving drugs being overused, misused and addicting. Many adults also rely on alcohol or other drugs to help relieve pain, which in the end, result in more harm done to your body and are only a temporary fix, not a type of healing.

The main thing to understand when treating your pain is to seek help immediately. Physical therapy can help at any time with your pain, but when helped early, results are seen much faster. If you suffer from chronic pain, don’t forget to ask for help and support from your loved ones, doctor or therapist and communicate with them on how you feel. We’re here for you 100% of the time. If you have questions or want to set up a consultation, reach out today.

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