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Providing Your Core Model for Treatment

Since 1999, Core Physical Therapy has been on a mission to provide patients the best physical therapy services available. In that time, we have opened two clinic locations – one in West Des Moines and the other in Adel – each offering orthopedic physical therapy services. We specialize in providing our patients with hands-on care including traditional physical therapy techniques in addition to myofascial release therapy and craniosacral therapy. We take pride in our ability to develop a program to fit your unique treatment needs.

Our team of therapists believe in a common why statement. It's the reason we are excited to work with each and every one of our patients.

We want to partner with you on your journey so that together we can help you achieve your best life.

We play a small part, helping you rehab an injury or manage chronic pain, believing that it has a ripple effect. When we help you become the best version of yourself, you can help your friend who can help a coworker who can help a neighbor. The possible impact you can have when you commit to becoming the best version of yourself is limitless. 

We want to start that ripple right here at Core. 

Our team of physical therapists is ready to meet with you and assess your needs. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment and find out how we can treat you.

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