PT - Physical Therapy Offices | Des Moines & Adel, Iowa

About Us

Core Physical Therapy, Inc. has two locations; one in West Des Moines and one in Adel, Iowa. We have 9 licensed physical therapists who provide one-to-one contact with the patient and never utilize support personnel to provide care to our patients.


Our Therapy

At Core Physical Therapy (PT), we utilize a manual approach with therapeutic exercise to facilitate treatments by our physical therapists.  We specialize in manual techniques including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy and Joint Mobilization/Manipulation.


Our Process

At your first appointment a physical therapist will perform an evaluation and talk with you about your condition and the benefits of physical therapy (PT). Therapy techniques are discussed after we examine your environment, your history of pain, and how it affects you and your daily life.  After we have determined the root causes we can create an individualized treatment program based on the findings of your evaluation.


Our Clients

“My therapist took the time to figure out the causes of my symptoms.  His approach had been to assess completely what part of my body is the source of the pain.  And the hands-on therapy is then a wonderful complement, which leads to resolving the problem."  - Monica B.


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