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We treat more than your pain. We get to the core of your problem. Is our approach right for you?


The team of physical therapists at Core Physical Therapy bring more than experience to patients who need physical therapy services in both Adel and West Des Moines. They also possess a drive to help each patient reach their therapy goals and a passion for making sure each patient receives the highest level of care.

Our Mission: To partner with you on your journey to help you achieve your best life.


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Schedule Your First Visit
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In your first appointment we will assess your pain and where it is likely stemming from along with the root cause.

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Get a Personalized Plan
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We will create a plan to help treat and manage the pain you are experiencing.

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Feel Better. Live Better.
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Our goal is to help you feel your absolute best after you meet with your physical therapist.



This hands-on technique is designed to help detect restrictions that can’t be seen on X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and myelograms. Once the soft tissue restrictions are detected, the physical therapist applies sustained pressure gently to loosen or release tension in the fascia.


Balance, dizziness, and vertigo impairments affect people of all ages and often go untreated. There are many different types of vestibular disorders that can be improved or resolved with physical therapy. The physical therapists at Core Physical Therapy are trained on how to evaluate and rehabilitate the vestibular system to relieve symptoms from a variety of vestibular disorders.


Craniosacral therapy can help improve your overall health by relieving pain, releasing tension, and reducing the impacts of chronic pain throughout the body. Through skillful palpation throughout the body, our physical therapists will identify and treat restrictions in the head, spine, and tailbone that will assist in your recovery.


We have physical therapists who are experts in developing treatment plans to help ease a variety of health issues that specifically impact pelvic health. Whether you’re experiencing issues related to pregnancy, breast pain, incontinence issues or pelvic pain, you can work with one of our physical therapists on an individual basis to help you live more comfortably, regardless of your age.

I am “over the moon” with CORE. This is the second time I have used one of their experienced team members. They are without a doubt, some of the most knowledgeable and professional in their line of work as physical therapists. My questions are always answered. I am always asked how I am doing and I usually leave feeling better than when I came. My recovery this time has been remarkable. Thank you, CORE, for your consistency of care. I appreciate all of you, including the front desk/reception team, who are always smiling and happy to help with appointments!!!

Marcia H.

“Kirsten is extremely knowledgeable! Her technique is magical! I felt immediate relief and continued to get better! I had given up on feeling good (headaches, overall body soreness, fatigue) until Kirsten helped me! I have made lifestyle changes but Kirsten has helped me find the new norm due to my condition. She’s positive, encouraging, sympathetic, and genuine!”


“I highly recommend Core Therapy!! I have had chronic pain for over 10 years. This was due to a side impact car accident that led to lower back and knee surgery in 2009. In 2018, I had a massive tear in my shoulder that required immediate surgery. I started in 2018, after surgery, to go to Core Therapy. I made an appointment and was seen by therapist Mary Beth Wims. We worked out a schedule and with her help I’ve lessened my pain meds, over time. Her knowledge and expertise are outstanding!! Mary Beth Wims truly cares about each patient she sees. You will not find a better place than Core Therapy in West Des Moines. The receptionist, Kathy, always has a smile to greet you and help with all paperwork and appointments. You will be happy you decided to choose Core Therapy!”


“Core Physical Therapy’s approach and their private treatment rooms allow you much more personalized attention from your physical therapist. The end result is a therapist that truly gets to know you and can apply their expertise to your therapy plan!”




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