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Whole Health: Mind, Body, & Energy

A Proactive Approach to Staying Well

We believe that the world needs the best version of you, so that together we can make the world a better place. At Core Physical Therapy, we provide whole-person care that is tailor-made for your goals and dreams. Traditionally, physical therapy is considered for post-surgery, post-injury, or after something in your body feels off. But the truth is you don’t have to wait for pain or limitations to see benefits from physical therapy.

Meet Core Whole Health:

 Our newest program allows you to work 1:1 with our licensed physical therapists to create a unique plan to improve your health and empower you to continue operating as the best version of yourself. Keeping our bodies well is just like taking care of your car or your home: preventive maintenance helps keep things running smoothly and prevent major breakdowns. These visits are billed as an out-of-pocket payment at $110/visit with no referral needed and no long term commitments. Click here to learn more or set up your first appointment.

Investing in preventive and maintenance physical therapy appointments now can help prevent larger and more expensive problems down the line.

Call our office to discuss how this type of visit might fit into your long-term plan for healthy living.

Adel: 515-993-5599

West Des Moines: 515-440-3439

Is a Whole Health appointment right for me?

You may be getting by without limitations but if you’re wondering how good you could really feel, a Whole Health appointment might be the right fit for you.

  • Had an ankle twinge in the past but not currently experiencing any pain? Make an appointment to ensure it’s still functioning properly and not on the verge of another twist. 
  • Feel yourself struggling with breathing when exercising or in stressful situations? Our physical therapists can help you train your brain and breath to breathe more effectively and cause less strain on unnecessary systems.
  • Feeling off after many months of hunching over a computer or staring at a screen? A physical therapist can do an initial assessment to determine underlying causes of tension and help your body return to its ideal state through hands-on techniques like myofascial release.
  • Emotional stress becoming a physical problem? Anxiety, depression, or stress manifesting in physical ways? Our physical therapists can help you navigate your nervous system through relaxation techniques and gentle manual interventions.

“In September 2021, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder. Many of my symptoms had to do with muscle cramps and spasms.  Through myofascial therapy, many of the cramping symptoms decreased. Through a pain management program, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Core Physical Therapy, I have managed to reduce flare ups and pain crises.

Even though this is a chronic condition I have been able to cope mentally, in part, because I have been able to rely on Core Physical Therapy.  In particular, Ellen Majewski, to not only bring physical pain levels down, but her interest in my whole being has helped me mentally cope. 

Anyone with chronic pain knows that it can be debilitating and lead to downward mental spirals.  Having a physical therapist that is interested in the whole being is an advantage Core has. Simply put, there’s more to physical therapy than just muscle manipulation. Core Physical Therapy excels.”

Core Patient, West Des Moines, Whole Health Client

“I started working with CORE PT years ago concerning muscle strain and arthritis inflammation. After thorough resolution of those issues, I continue appointments as a part of my quality of life and whole-healthcare.  I find relief and release from stress and anxiety. After significant deaths of loved ones, I consider CORE an invaluable part of my grieving process.  I want to remain healthy as long as I can.  I’m 70 now.  From my reading and experience, I understand that working with CORE Physical Therapy maintains an emotional and physical balance for my mind, body and spirit. Thank you to my Core physical therapist for your compassionate, insightful and professional work.”

Core Patient, West Des Moines, Whole Health Client

“Coming to Core Physical Therapy has actually helped with my mental health.  I was really depressed about a medical diagnosis I received and my body wasn’t working like I needed it to after chemo/radiation. Since coming to PT and getting my body working again to do some of the things I wanted to do, I’m noticing less depression in my life, better mood and a better attitude.”

Core Patient, Adel, Whole Health Client

“At Core Physical Therapy, it is more than just a physical rehab.  It is both mind and body. The link between the mind and body are strong, and addressing both together gives healing that can give you your life back. The body wants to heal itself, and needs the mind to allow for the change to take place. Core does this very well.  I am very grateful for this!” 

Core Patient, Adel, Whole Health Client