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Our Process


We get to the CORE issue of your pain.

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Understand Your Pain
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Your Core Physical Therapist takes the time to get to know you and your unique situation in a private treatment room.

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Assess Your Body
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Through our hands-on assessment, we are able to quickly identify where pain may be coming from and start treatment immediately.

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Create a Personalized Treatment Plan
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Based on your situation, we’ll create a treatment plan to manage or completely treat your pain.

“I have had a few sessions with Lindsay and am experiencing major improvements in my pain levels, strength, and posture. More than 40 years ago I was in a near fatal automobile accident that left me with multiple fractures and trauma to my body. Since that time I have had several surgeries. As I age (I’m now 68), those old injuries have been causing me increased pain, weakness, and reduced range of motion for several years. Lindsay is addressing these issues with remarkable knowledge and skill. She provides exercises to target weaknesses that are within my abilities. I feel fortunate to have had a friend recommend Lindsay at CORE!”


“If you need PT, GO HERE!!! CORE Physical Therapy is AMAZING! I have seen Dr. Ellen Majewski for several different issues and have experienced complete healing. She has even helped significantly with my migraines! I have also seen a few of the other therapists at the clinic and have nothing but great things to say about all of them. I recommend CORE to everyone I know that could use a physical therapist, especially since they use manual manipulation techniques on you for 40-45 minutes rather than throwing you on exercise equipment and periodically checking in. I can’t say enough great things about them!”


“I highly recommend Core Physical Therapy! From the front office to the therapist, all were professional and personable. My therapist was warm and friendly from the first appointment on. She was knowledgeable, a good listener, and took the time to explain what we were doing and why. This helped me to be a better patient, understanding what we were trying to accomplish. The best part is that she released me with knowledge and daily exercises allowing me to get my body back to normal. Five Stars for Mary Beth!”


“As a physical therapist, Core Physical Therapy is where I send my friends, family and myself. They are knowledgeable, have amazing manual therapy techniques, and above all are so caring. The therapists not only strive to reduce your pain (#1 reason we all go) but also give you the tools to help yourself. Their goal is to not make you a patient for life but get you back to your best life! Thanks Core Physical Therapy!”