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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Jacob Hardy, PT, DPT

Practicing at Adel
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Jacob is a native of Adel and graduated from ADM High School in 2016. He continued his education at Drake University, focusing on Health Sciences, Psychology, and Spanish. While at Drake, he spent 4 years on the football team. In 2022, Jacob received his physical therapy degree from South College. Since then, he has become trained in myofascial release and craniosacral therapy and has been certified in Breath Re-education through the Buteyko clinic. Jacob is passionate about working with people dealing with breathing and sleep disorders, mental health issues, and those seeking to improve overall wellness practices. Jacob’s approach is especially beneficial for those seeking an alternative approach to traditional health care or those who have tried conventional methods of treating their health issues and improving wellness without success. Jacob is always looking for new people who are seeking a fresh perspective on their wellness and is dedicated to empowering them on their journey.


Breathing Instructor through the Buteyko Clinic


Breathing disorders
Craniosacral therapy
Myofascial release


Breathing Techniques to Combat Stress

Breathing Techniques to Combat Stress

This blog post was written by Jacob Hardy, a Core Physical Therapy PT who specializes in breathing disorders. If you’ve...

I have been working with Jacob on breathing retraining. I have noticed my performance during football practices has been better and I am able to get through workouts without as much shortness of breath. I also feel like I can control my body and my emotions better which is giving me an edge that not many people have on the field.


Working with Jacob on breath work and body awareness has been very helpful. I struggle with anxiety so learning about how to control my body’s stress responses has been an enormous help. I would strongly recommend making an appointment at Core Physical Therapy if you are looking for a way to improve overall mental health.


I have been working with Jacob for about 6 months. I began the program to help with fatigue and sleep schedule. Since starting, I have seen improvements in my energy level and overall mental health. I have primarily been focusing on breathing, nutrition, and mobility. I have also seen improvements in the duration of my workouts, and sleep schedule.


I came to Core Physical Therapy after realizing I needed drastic help recovering from alcohol abuse and developmental difficulties.  Jacob Hardy and his services have been amazing.  He’s kind, gentle, and direct, and he listens very well.  He’s guided me towards a healthier place than I even knew I could achieve, that other schools of medicine like psychiatry would likely never have approached.  For every symptom I came in with, from breath difficulty and digestive problems to bodily tension/anxiety, he has quickly and clearly laid out a manageable strategy to help in a way that incorporates how it works alongside all the others.  I’m just amazed at the progress he’s enabled in just a few weeks, and it’s given me the courage and faith to see the whole process through to the very end.  Thank you from the core of my body, mind, heart and soul, Jacob and Core Physical Therapy.