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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Justin Scherff, PT, DPT

Practicing at Adel
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Justin is committed to being present and listening to each person, working 1 on 1 to bring the best service, techniques, tools, and recommendations based on their individual needs.  His philosophy is deeply rooted and grounded in the body’s natural design and desire for health and wellbeing.

Justin is uniquely equipped to serve people at Core Physical Therapy.   He is continuously expanding his knowledge and understanding to better serve people with the goal of creating health and well being in their life.  Justin is the first-ever CPCRA certified physical therapist, and is proud to bring the work of Contact Reflex Analysis into physical therapy. CRA is an alternative approach to health and wellness. It’s a subtle, energy technique that is utilized to root-out any area of imbalance in the body that could be contributing to your symptoms, syndromes, and diseases. With this approach, patients have seen rapid and seemingly miraculous healings as they come into balance and function according to their potential.

Justin is committed to working with people who have tried traditional methods of medicine and didn’t get the results they wanted, are looking for an alternative treatment approach, or are stuck and want a guide to their desired health and wellness destination.  These patients are people who enjoy life, are highly motivated and open minded, and want the highest value service available.

Outside of Core Physical Therapy, Justin enjoys being with his children and being interested in whatever they love.  Justin enjoys opening his horizons with new activities and experiences that are outdoors, being at sporting events, traveling, and being with people.


Certified Practitioner of Contact Reflex Analysis


Custom orthotics


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Meet Justin

I have been a patient of Dr Justin Scherff and have been amazed at his physical therapy expertise, communication skills,  promotion of the patient as a partner in their care, and ability to clearly explain what patient needs to do in between appointments.  His active listening skills and ability to calm patient concerns is critical to patient success.  In addition,  his sense of empathy and caring attitude in his interactions help the patient maintain their motivation.  I have been  very pleased with the progress I have made and credit Justin with helping me be successful!!!

Mary H

I am amazed at the short amount of time it took for Justin to help my body heal. Prior to meeting Justin I spent 20 years and thousands of dollars trying different healing modalities and had given up hope that my pain would ever go away. One of my jobs gave me access to a wealth of information so I learned how to deal with my pain and manage my energy enough to keep up with my toddler.

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant again but after a couple miscarriages it became apparent to me that my body wasn’t able to handle a pregnancy.

A minor diving board mishap and a referral led me to Justin. In less than six months, my energy and body were able to rebalance so that my chronic pain is gone, and I became pregnant again after trying for three years. I am so thankful for Justin and his God-given ability to heal!

Corrine F.

I have had lower back stiffness nearly my whole life.  I spent the better part of 30 years, going to chiropractors to adjust my stiff lower back.  Some chiropractors were gifted, some mediocre, and some were very nice.  In my fifties I realized that every time I received an adjustment, the clock was ticking until I saw the chiropractor again – and I forked out more money.

This changed when my personal physician wisely suggested that I go to CORE Physical Therapy in Adel, Iowa.  The physical therapists got to know me, and they taught me exercises to keep my body limber, flexible, and comfortable.  On top of all that, the CORE staff all have a good “bedside manner.”

Why would I ever go back to a chiropractor when I can treat myself?  I highly recommend CORE.

Dave C