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Old Is Gold

From the Therapist's Desk (5)

This blog post was written by Justin Scherff, a Core Physical Therapy PT.

The other day I was working with a patient who had a hip injury, has been around for 6+ months, and making steady progress.

Today, I traced a line of tension from his L hip up to the middle part of his shoulder blades, and I asked him if he has ever had shoulder pain or tightness?

Seems like a random question, but from my experience tightness in the upper and middle back is often the primary cause of shoulder pain/tightness.

He was a little shocked, and said “I fractured my collar bone 7-8 years ago.”

As we worked through this tightness, his hip changed DRASTICALLY, and he was able to walk with more freedom than he could in months.

Both of us were a little shocked at how free his hip and leg was able to move with a lot less pain.

Jump back in-time with me a few months….

When I was taking a class for my continuing education, the instructor talked about “old is gold.” And what he meant is that often older injuries that didn’t properly get treated can be a key of the current pain and issues for the patient in the office.

I have found this to be more true than not. Check out a few recent people I’m working with this new vision.

Currently I’m working with an athlete who has knee pain with sprinting. We were making progress, but he has tightness from a prior injury in his shoulder.  When we improved mobility here his ability to sprint improved 75% in one session.

Another client with an old, fractured collar bone, didn’t receive proper care for his injury years ago. Working through the old tightness pattern found in his upper and middle back, his shoulder is improving drastically to the point where his ability to waterski is improving.

And lastly…

A lady came into the office for one of my co-workers with really bad headaches. She had been everywhere for treatments, pain pills, injections.  He asked when she started, and she said “after my c-section years ago.”  He started working on tension in the fascia of the abdomen from the c-section and sure enough her headaches got better!

The body is amazing and we really enjoy serving people with the philosophy that we do.  If this resonates with you, let us know how we can help!

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