Physical Therapy

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06 Mar: Why Physical Therapy? 3 Reasons We Became Physical Therapists

“How did you get into this?” This is a common question we receive from patients, along with “How long did you have to go to school for this?”.  It’s a good question, as there are so many different paths available just within the healthcare field itself, and each one has their own requirements for education and training. It can be a long journey to become a healthcare professional, and it takes planning to know the time and effort will be worth it, so we do things like shadowing different professions to see what interests us. We are often drawn to things that resonate with us, and I’d say that’s the case for many who enter the physical therapy field. Here are some traits that are common among physical therapists. 

Primer on Pain

15 Feb: A Primer on Pain

Many people have heard of “no pain, no gain”, but it’s easy to follow this motto down the wrong road. Pain can mean a lot of different things to different people. What is felt can vary greatly, but common descriptions of pain include “ache, sore, sharp, stabbing, burning, shock/electric”, just to name a few. Pain tolerance can also vary from low to high. On top of that, past experiences affect how we experience pain, with traumatic events or persistent pain sometimes magnifying what people are experiencing. But pain is also used to describe what we feel during exercise, despite exercise being good for us. So that begs the question, is pain good or bad?