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The Road to Recovery: A Patient’s Journey at Core Physical Therapy

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This post was written by one of our incredible patients who felt compelled to share her journey with you. Thank you Heather!

Years of enduring unmanaged stress and anxiety took a toll on my nervous system, and it wasn’t until I connected with Kirsten Radke at Core Physical Therapy that I found the right diagnosis and path to recovery.


Over a decade of a demanding job had a profound impact on both my mental and physical well-being. Despite the warning signs my body gave me, such as a racing heart, tight chest, shortness of breath, twitching eye, and chronic shoulder pain, I normalized these symptoms.

At one point, the culmination of an intense work situation led to a miscarriage. And, even after an alarming in-flight anxiety attack and emergency landing, my doctor merely prescribed anxiety medications without addressing the root cause. I was deeply entrenched in my job, habits, and thoughts, oblivious to the gravity of my situation.

The Turning Point:

It took God’s intervention for me to recognize the severity of my condition. His voice urged me to trust and leave my stressful environment. A year later, I found the courage to find a new job, but the transition did not bring the expected relief. I slowed down, but my body didn’t follow. Despite enjoying my new career, my body continued to suffer from anxiety, dizziness, and intense head, nerve, and body pain.

The Breaking Point:

Ten months into my new job, my anxiety became crippling. Daily anxiety attacks and debilitating pain led to a breaking point. My GP referred me to Kirsten for the pain. She became a trusted beacon of hope for my recovery.

The Road to Recovery:

Kirsten’s expertise revealed that my connective tissue, the dura mater, had tightened and compressed my brain and nervous system, locking me in a perpetual fight-or-flight state. Vestibular therapy, breathing exercises, and simple daily exercises gradually alleviated my symptoms. With each session, I experienced tangible improvements, and Kirsten equipped me with the tools to unwind and decompress. She taught me about the power of the mind/body connection and encouraged me to find a mental health professional. The body needed to release in order for the mind to heal, and the mind had to relinquish control for the body to achieve complete recovery.

The Journey:

My recovery journey is marked by ups and downs. However, consistency in the prescribed exercises, incorporating breathing and yoga, and developing new mental health skills were pivotal. Kirsten’s unwavering support, open-hearted listening, and educational guidance made the process feel achievable. She is always positive and helped me see continued progress.

The Triumph:

After 16 months, I am ecstatic to share that I am now living a life free from pain and anxiety, a testament to the transformative power of Kirsten’s expertise and commitment to my recovery journey.

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