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From the Therapist’s Desk: January 2022

January 2022

Each month we’ll bring you a note from one of our therapists. It might be something they’re reading, learning or just something they want to share.

This month’s note is from Kate Davey, PT:

Shoulder pain is a common reason many patients come to Core Physical Therapy. Some are struggling to lift the weights they always could or push their toddler on the swing. Others can’t reach above their head or feel sharp pain when switching positions. More than likely they are experiencing issues with the glenohumeral joint.

The glenohumeral joint is a complex and extremely important joint in the body for function. The extra rotation and movement allowed by the glenohumeral joint (a ball and socket joint) also makes it susceptible to injury.  It is, in fact, the most commonly injured joint in the body.

Today, I’m sharing a blog post I wrote that breaks down some of the most common shoulder injuries we see at Core, how to prevent them, and tips for managing your shoulder pain.

Click here to read.

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