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From the Therapist’s Desk: June 2022

June 2022

Each month we’ll bring you a note from one of our therapists. It might be something they’re reading, learning or just something they want to share.

This month’s note is from Justin Scherff, PT, DPT:

Are you your best encourager or best critic? This is a personal lesson that has helped in my own journey that hopefully will help in yours.

I’ve realized that there is a lot of “I should do more of this, that, and the other” in our performance-driven society. Almost every time I get into YouTube, the ads are “would you like to have it all in less time?” Uh, yes please! Are you bloated…watch this and then eat these/not these. Spot reduce fat. Be less anxious. Have more energy. Make more money.

At the root of it, is a ruthless storm of self-condemnation, self-accusation, self-rejection and shame that all say “I’m not good enough”. Wash that delicious meal down with the constant comparison of social media, and it is NO WONDER why binge watching Netflix under covers is appetizing.

We have been literally BOMBED with crappy feelings all day long. *Tuck under covers please*

How does this affect our body?

This storm creates a constant and perpetual state of “fight/flight” in our hearts, minds, and body. A swirl of physical and emotional responses that, over time, creates dis-ease. This limits my body and mind’s ability to rest and heal, to which it has a miraculous ability to do so…if we ever get within putting distance of true relaxation/peace. Enter a stiff neck, poor sleeping, low back/hip pain, fatigue, brain fog…you name it, we see it almost hourly. I had a patient just this morning who has been crushing her goals!

She’s gone from just desiring to walk without pain to going for a 30 min continual jog without stopping. How awesome! But her focus was this: “I run so slow. My friend could walk faster than I could run.” Sound familiar? The joy of achievement/progress is swallowed by negativity the moment we start focusing on the negatives or comparing. Our physical postures change, blood and brain chemistry change and, over time, this can lead to disease.

My own personal recommendation: Become your best encourager! Get people on your team who are FOR YOU! We are here for you, to fight for you, lead and guide you, encourage you, and help you overcome whatever is standing in front of you. It’s honestly one of the best parts about my job, to see people overcome the obstacles that they started with.

We are here for you, are YOU for you? Let’s conquer it together!

Not sure how to be your own encourager, Enter 2 min encouraging video! 

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