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From the Therapist’s Desk: October 2022

October 2022

Each month we’ll bring you a note from one of our therapists. It might be something they’re reading, learning or just something they want to share.

This month’s note is from Kirsten Radke, PT, DPT:

As many know, our daughter, Riley Louise, was born still on August 15th, 2020. As we navigated honoring her story, my husband and I became deeply involved with an Iowa founded non-profit, No Foot Too Small.

Their mission being to unite families impacted by pregnancy and infant loss, celebrating angels, and building birthing and bereavement suites. In the years that have passed since Riley’s birth, I’ve learned a lot about not only being a physical therapist and holding space for families like ours, but I also learned how to be a patient. In the months following Riley, I underwent uterine surgery to remove five tumors. Being just a few weeks postpartum and navigating post-surgical rehab, the physical therapist then became the patient. I was so fortunate be surrounded by the amazing physical therapists at Core for my own healthcare needs; Lindsay, Kerri, and Mary Beth all had to put up with me. 😊  

Fast forward 1.5 years (to-the-day) my husband and I welcomed Riley’s little brother, Raymond Michael, on February 15th, 2022. We have enjoyed watching Ray chase our chickens, dodge licks from our dogs, and sneak a pull of our cats’ tails. The 15th seems to be a recurring number for us looking back and looking forward. Birthdays for both Riley and Ray, the number of chickens we have roaming around our acreage, and a day we hope you all find pause on; today, Saturday, Oct. 15th, National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

If you are looking to celebrate an angel of your own or support someone you know, click the link to support No Foot Too Small today.

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