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How To Recover From An Injury

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As frustrating as they are, injuries aren’t always completely avoidable, especially when you’re living an active lifestyle. In honor of March being Athletic Training Month, we’d like to discuss some ways you can heal and recover from an injury. Whether you’re currently injured or are just preparing yourself for the possibility of injury in the future, these three essential steps to recovery are perfect for you.

Take Time to Rest

As difficult as it might be to stay in bed with the world moving on around you, it’s very necessary. If you try to convince yourself that you’re better before you’ve fully healed, you’ll dramatically increase your chance for reinjury. Would you rather get back on your feet faster and constantly be at risk, or wait a little longer and be able to perform again at your full potential?

The smartest way to go about resting is to be mindful, listen to your body and don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Make sure you get multiple opinions from professionals, like a coach or physical therapist, before deciding to jump back into your daily routine and activities.

Go to Physical Therapy

Getting proper therapy after an injury is the most important part of recovery. Our physical therapists will provide you with an individualized treatment plan, including tailored exercises to your specific needs. We have a team of 13 physical therapists who assist with any and all injuries.

If you’re concerned about needing a referral, don’t worry. Iowa is a direct access state and for most major health insurances there is no referral needed! Call us or your insurance company for more information. If you are healing from an injury and want to reach your full potential after recovery, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Focus on Prevention

After the recovery process, you’ll definitely want to avoid having to go through it again. Think about how and why you were injured. For example, maybe you recall rarely warming up before exercising. Find the initial cause of your injury and set a plan to avoid repeating it in the future.

Another beneficial way to avoid reinjuring yourself is to increase your flexibility. Stretching allows your muscles to loosen and warm up. When you do a form of physical activity without stretching first, your tightened muscles have a greater chance of injury. Visit our YouTube channel for in-depth demonstrations of helpful stretches you can perform!

Injuries, although not completely avoidable, are often difficult to recover from without professional intervention. That’s why the services we offer are crucial to a long-term, healthy recovery process. If you have any questions about injury prevention or recovery, please contact us! Visit our website for more information about what we offer and how our physical therapists can help you recover to your full potential.

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