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It’s National Physical Therapy Month!

a display of national physical therapy month

The weather is beginning to cool down for us in Iowa, with fall temperatures and colors just around the corner. For many, that means breaking out the sweaters, going to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, and decorating with an array of yellow, orange, and red colors. And now that we’re into October, that also means it’s National Physical Therapy Month!

Physical Therapy is a profession that can trace its beginnings to over 100 years ago, but it really came into focus after WWI and WW2. Because of the brutality of the wars associated with new weapon technology, many soldiers came home with significant injuries that needed a new kind of care to help them return to civilian life. Our national association was formed in 1921 and evolved over the years to its current title of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Since those early days, physical therapy has evolved and grown to span 10 different specialties and can be found in schools to nursing facilities, and from hospitals to professional sports teams to the military, and everywhere in-between. Several of our blog posts have gone through what we do at Core, but there are many other physical therapy specialties out there as well.

Orthopedic and sports physical therapists are maybe the most commonly known to the public, as they deal with both acute and chronic injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. Step into a hospital, and you might find physical therapists who specialize in the cardiopulmonary system, oncology, or wound management (wounds that need special care to heal correctly).

At schools or special outpatient facilities, you might find a pediatric physical therapist helping kids with developmental conditions or other physical restrictions. A geriatric physical therapist helps older adults, whether at home or in care facilities, maintain and improve their strength and balance. And neurological physical therapists can be found in both inpatient and outpatient facilities, helping those who require help due to conditions affecting their nervous system. Regardless of the specialty, a common thread weaves amongst them all—the goal of helping individuals overcome physical restrictions so they can live a more rewarding and fulfilling life!

At Core, we would be considered an orthopedic clinic, as we deal primarily with those musculoskeletal conditions that fall within the orthopedic category. This means we can assist with issues throughout the body. We also have therapists who specialize in pelvic health (dealing with the muscles involved in the pelvic region), vestibular therapy (working with the systems in our body that help us stay upright and balanced), and a therapist certified in dry needling (using fine needles, sometimes with electrostimulation, to facilitate healing).

We are always learning new things as well so that we can continue to grow and better serve our patients. Thank you for celebrating this special month with us and being incredible patients!

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