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Keep Moving this Fall in Central Iowa

a header image of a man stretching as a way to find movement and exercise

It feels like the summer has come and gone, and we are officially in the last half of the year. Do you have fall trips or events coming up that you’re looking forward to? Maybe the end of summer is looking less busy than the first half, and you’re planning on enjoying that downtime. With the cool weather opening up the great outdoors to us, fall is a great time to get active, but the challenge can sometimes be fitting that activity into busy schedules. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to stay (or start) moving this summer, take a look below!

Individual activities

These things are the simplest to get started because you don’t need to coordinate with anyone else, but it can also be difficult to stay consistent for that same reason. When doing things by yourself, the best way to stay consistent with it is to pick things that you enjoy and will look forward to doing. And don’t forget about those outdoor activities that might be considered “chores”; things like gardening, mowing, and other yardwork count as physical activity!

If you like changing scenery and the feel of the wind in your face, riding a bike or going for a walk or run are some of the simplest activities to get started with. If you like being out in nature, taking a walk through a city park or hike through a state park are great options. And if you like to be in or near the water, consider swimming, kayaking, or fishing (just be sure to follow the local rules and aware of your surroundings when near the water).

Team/Social activities

Team sports are great both physically and socially. There are recreational leagues for adults for a variety of sports, such as basketball, soccer, softball, pickleball, and volleyball, which can usually be found on city websites. While some leagues may have already started, now can be a good time to get signed up for leagues that start this fall.

You can join a league with some friends, or sign up for a league to make new ones. There are many mental health benefits for both physical activity and social connection-why not combine them? Plus, the fact that other people are counting on you will be motivation to prioritize the activity.

Active PUBLIC events

Similar to gardening and yardwork, it’s easy to forget that local events can also require us to be active. Events such as a farmer’s market, museums, city festivals, and the State Fair still require us to move around, often without realizing how much we actually are moving (until the end of the day at least). Just be aware of what and how much you eat and/or drink, as it’s easier to overindulge in high calorie foods and drinks at some of these events. And if you’re looking to get out of the heat, an indoor museum is a great way to stay cool while staying active.

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