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Prioritizing Your Time

prioritizing your time

This month’s post is by our physical therapist, Jordan Wachter. 

Summer is finally here, but at the same time, it’s hard to believe that it’s already July. Summers always seem to fly by—full of plans to be outdoors, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the warm weather while we can. There are a lot of things we try to fit into our summers, and let’s face it: we know that we only have a limited amount of time before the cold returns and our options of activities becomes limited.

But I want to throw out a question we may think about but might never really analyze. How are you prioritizing your time?

There are several things in our lives that are considered resources, but time is the only one that we can never get back. While reading the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown, this was one theme that has stuck out to me. We spread ourselves too thin, thinking we can do it all, and that leads to accomplishing little of what we want. A weekend can go from spending some time with friends to being fully booked with errands, chores, and social obligations that keep us feeling rushed and making it hard to slow down in the moment to enjoy the things we’re looking forward to.

That happens week after week, until we get to the end of summer and wonder where the time went. This isn’t limited to a time during the calendar year either, as entering into new life stages and work/family responsibilities take up much of our time. 

None of these things are bad things, but that might be part of why it’s so difficult to prioritize our time. We don’t want to miss out on good things.

But in trying not to miss anything good, are we missing out on something great? Have you considered what things you are saying “No” to when you say “Yes” to something else? 

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