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Why Stretching Before Exercising is Important

Person stretching past their toes

Stretching can feel great if you do it right. Some people don’t like to take the time to stretch before they begin a workout, because they often think they won’t see results from doing so. But on the contrary, stretching can help you to achieve even higher fitness goals while keeping you safe.

Before stretching, it’s important to complete a light warm-up routine. This may be five to ten minutes of cardio, whatever gets your heart pumping. Then, it’s time to stretch!


Stretching before an intense workout helps to prevent injury. If you’re going to be putting pressure on your joints and muscles with an interactive workout, you want to be sure the muscles are warmed up and ready to move. Your joints will have to work less hard to have a wide range of motion and will be able to move with ease. This will make it less likely that you will injure yourself and have to take a break from exercising altogether.


Stretching before exercise can help to get you in the right frame of mind. It’s not always easy to get motivated to workout and even when you do, it can be difficult to focus. The day-to-day tasks of life can get in our way of fully engaging in the workout. Stretching will help to center your focus and get you in the right frame of mind.


Stretching helps improve blood flow to the muscles. This can help your body recover faster from workout aches.


Stretching can help your overall health long term. One way it can do this is by improving your posture. Because stretching helps improve flexibility, the back muscles will be less stiff and strong to support the back’s proper posture. Additionally, stretching before working out can help your muscles as you age. Keeping the body in motion through exercising and stretching will keep your body strong.

Now that you know how important stretching is, make sure to allow that extra time before and after your workout. If you get injured while exercising or have any questions on how you can get healthy, contact us today!

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